2020 WPF 22nd Congress Minutes

13 декабря 2020

2020 WPF 22nd Congress Minutes

Venue: Via email from David Carter, President


Due to Covid-19 virus, travel complications and various Nations Government rules the meeting Agenda was circulated to all affiliated Nations and Officers to make replies by no later than 13th November. No opposing replies were received.

Roll call circulated: David Carter GBR, Phil Beniston GBR, Yuri Soloview RUS, Vasiliy Filatov RUS, Igor Soloviev RUS, Suresh Kadam IND, Deepak Bagel IND, Armin Rafaat IRN, Kevin Dannsson HOL, Coert Hoppenbrouwers HOL, Irina Panchenko UKR. Prince Kennedy Nwamkpa NIG.

Apologies:  None received.

21st Annual Congress meeting minutes: has been circulated and posted on the web site were approved.

President’s Report: David Carter sent a written report with the Final agenda. The report is attached and approved.

Technical Officers Report:  No Technical Officer in post therefore, no report received.

Web Master Report: Igor Soloviev RUS is running a most successful WPF web site which as all up to date with Notices.

Records Officer Report: : Igor Soloviev RUS Manages the safe keep of the World, European and British records.

Both reports attached and approved.


National Affiliates Reports:

GBRDavid Carter, President reported that, the BPO were only able to host a most successful 2020 Scottish championship. Results and report are posted on web site. All other championships had to be cancelled due Covid-19 and two Government lock downs. BPO are bidding to host the 2021 EPC European Championships in London in June.

IND – Deepak Bagul, General Secretary of APFI reports they are hosting the 2020 WPF World Cup on the 4th to 8th December in Amravati, Maharashtra, India.

RUS - Yuri Soloviev, President RPF reported, besides hosting Russian Tournament in February and September, they are hosting the 2020 World championships om 14th & 15th November with over 400 lifter entries and planning to host a WPF Grand Prix on the 20th December. .

Other Nations: No reports.


 Elected Officers:

• Vice President: Vasiliy Filatov RUS   

• General Secretary: Deepak Bagul IND.

• Technical Officer: Phil Beniston GBR.


Nominee(s) to 2020 Hall of Fame: None received.

Policy Resolutions:  None received.

Rules for Lifting Resolutions: None received.


Future World Championships:     

            2021 World Championships – APFI, India.

            2022 World Championships – RPF, Moscow, Russia.

            2023 World Championships – No bids received.


2020 World Championships Officials

Technical Officer: Acting, Lysov Grigorii INT

Referees: Rak Ivan NAT, Lazarev Vladimir NAT

Smirnova Anna REG, Levenkova NAT
Drozdov Alexander NAT, Khitrov Sergei NAT
Smolentseva Irina REG.

Secretary’s at Platform:
Sultanova Diana & Terekhova Lubov .


23.59 adjournment of 22nd WPF Congress.  - END

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