Report about British Championship 2019

2019 British championships saw the BPO return to Wales courtesy of Daniel Morgan, Manager of Vitality Gym presenting us with this lovely venue Vitality Health & Fitness, Port Talbot in the beautiful Welsh valleys.

Andy Shipman, Platform Manager with his most excellent crew Jenni Lee Clark, Matthew Devitta and Daniel Morgan re-assured all lifters confidence with their professional application and brought out the best out in the lifters with no mishaps. Lifters feed-back reports that, Andy managed a new Platform Crew in Great Britain. Two quotes “The Crew are amazing and efficient. I would trust them with my life”. “Great day, everyone helped and supported each other. The BPO team always do a great job”.

Master of Ceremony David Carter’s impeccable team at the table ensured the championships ran without a hitch. We witnessed first class adjudication from the Referees ensuring these championships were second to none. We are grateful to all the highly skilled referees, Charlotte Wareing, Dominic Avo, Phil Beniston and David Carter adjudications, thanks to you all.

With all the lifter entries from all over Great Britain and International Guest lifters from Nigeria shaping up for the 2019 European and World Championship. A high caliber of lifting was to be expected and we were not disappointed. Sadly however, a few lifters had caught late injuries, and some had late visa issues and were unable to compete.

The BPO now run 3 divisions for lifters, Raw, Classic and Single ply.


British (BR), European (ER) and World Records (WR)


Records in Powerlifting:

Women’s Junior Natasha Ratcliff 52kg Raw class broke a world record on the dead lift with 95.5kg.

Men’s Master Graham Dowers M55+ 67.5kg Classic class broke world records with squat 180kg, Bench Press 132.5kg, Dead Lift 192.5kg and total 505.5kg.

Men’s Master Ronald Jarrett M80+ 82.5kg Raw class broke world records with squat 105kg, Bench Press 70kg, Dead Lift 130kg and total 300kg.

Men’s Master Geraint Nicholas M55+ 90kg Raw class broke world records with squat 145kg, Bench Press 102.5kg, Dead Lift 235kg and total 482.5kg.

Men’s Master Robert Ockenden M60+ 100kg Raw class broke world record with a Dead Lift 142.5kg.


Records on the Single lift Bench Press: 

Men’s Master Graham Dowers M55+ 67.5kg Raw class broke a world record Bench Press with 132.5kg.


Records on the Single lift Dead Lift:

Women’s Master Charlotte Wareing WM55+ 90+kg Single Ply class broke a world record Dead Lift with 210kg.

Men’s Open Lemar Townsend 67.5kg Raw class broke a World record Dead Lift with 200kg.

Men’s Teenager 15-19 Kamron Williams 82.5kg Raw class broke a World record Dead Lift with 182.5kg.

Men’s Master Russell Bain M50+ 90kg Single Ply class broke a world record Dead Lift with 270kg.

Men’s Open Barry Davis 100kg Raw class broke a British record Dead Lift with 256kg.

Men’s Master Craig Stone M40+ 100kg Raw class broke a British record Dead Lift with 257.5kg.

Men’s Master Stephen Evans M60+ 100kg Single Ply class broke a British  Dead Lift with 235kg.


Best Overall Powerlifter: Tomasz Arczewski with 407 points lifted the Brian Smith Annual Memorial Shield.

Best overall Single Lift Bench Press: was won by Phil Beniston with 122 points.

Best overall the Single lift Dead lift: was won by Charlotte Wareing with 171 points.

Best Overall Squat: Nick Luffman Annual Memorial Shield was won by Tomasz Arczewski with 156 points.


Spectators were treated to an array of records. 44 World records, 44 European records and 46 British records were broken at these championships in all categories which are colour coded on the score-sheets. This surely shows that, there is still the thrust in GB powerlifters still willing to achieve much more.

Dominic Avo presented all the lifters with certificates of participation and gold statues.

Phil Beniston received the 2018 BPO Lifter of the Year Award the famous Gold Gladiator with shield statue in recognition. Phil has also been appointed BPO Technical Officer forthwith, due to Bob Campbells retirement after serving since 2006.We thank Bob for is long and loyal services to the BPO.

The BPO and lifters acknowledge Vitality Health and Fitness gym, Proprietor and staff for all their support and lovely facilities to host these championships.

Vitality Health and Fitness gym have offered to be host the BPO 2020 British Championships in Wales.

With all these great lifter performances, the British Team will be a formidable force to combat the lifters at the forthcoming 2019 European and World Championships.   


                                                                                                                                             Report:            The Crane


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