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Referees Checklist BENCHPRESS




[ ] Lifters shoulders and buttocks must remain in contact with the bench.

[ ] Lifters shoes must remain flat, with feet motionless and in contact with the floor.

[ ] Feet may not touch the bench.

[ ] One personal coach may hand out bar to lifter: but they must leave the platform area immediately after hand-out.

[ ] Hand space may not exceed 81cm – Hands not outside marks.

[ ] Lifter must receive bar at arm’s length and lower bar after to chest.

[ ] Chief Referee’s verbal ‘press’ signal is given when bar becomes motionless in contact with chest.

[ ] Bar may not sink further into chest after signal; is given; hands must remain motionless.

[ ] Lifter presses bar upward to reach arm’s length locked out.

[ ] Bar may move horizontally or stop during ascent, but not move downward toward chest.

[ ] Chief Referee gives verbal signal to ‘rack’ the bar when it is held motionless in lock out position at top.

[ ] Buttocks may not rise off bench at any time during signals.

[ ] No pronounced uneven extension of arms during ascent or uneven lockout is by judgement of referees.

[ ] Deliberate contact with bar and uprights is not permitted to assist the lifter.

[ ] One bench shirt of single ply material is permitted. Arms not extending beyond elbow joint.

[ ] Official wrist wraps are permitted. No elbow wraps.

[ ] A one piece lifter suit is required. Leg length not beyond mid-thigh.

[ ] Lifters may request foot elevation by using blocks or weight plates with flat surface.

[ ] During bench press after Chief Referee’s, signal, Referees must remain in seat, not give hand motions during lift.

[ ] Referee’s must make judgment in pressing white or red signal. Be prepared to justify their decision if asked by lifter, but not enter into any argument.