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Referees Checklist DEADLIFT




[ ] Bar gripped with optional grip in both hands.

[ ] Bar is lifted upward until lifter is standing erect.

[ ] Bar may stop during ascent, and then continue to top, but no downward motion.

[ ] Knees and hips must be locked in straight, erect position.

[ ] Bar must remain motionless at top.

[ ] Chief Referee must give verbal and visual hand signal ‘down’ when lifter is standing erect in completed position.

[ ] Shoulders must be aligned with hip joint from side view at lockout.

[ ] Failure to lock knees at top, or re-bending of knees at top is not permitted.

[ ] Lowering of bar before referees signal is not permitted.

[ ] Supporting bar on thighs, hitching or walking bar up legs is not permitted.

[ ] Stumbling or taking a step with foot is not permitted.

[ ] Intentional dropping or not maintaining control with both hands when bar is returning to platform is not permitted.

[ ] No elbow wraps, gloves or wrist straps are permitted.

[ ] Official wrist wraps and knee wraps are permitted.

[ ] One single ply suit is required, not extending beyond mid-thigh.

[ ] One tee shirt must be worn on the dead lift, with or without arms. No vests.

[ ] Lifter must wear socks up to knees, but not beyond.

[ ] During dead lift, Referees must remain in seat, not give hand motions or sit behind lifter during lift.

[ ] Referee’s must make judgment in pressing white or red signal. Be prepared to justify their decision if asked by lifter, but not enter into any argument.