На всех турнирах WPF России, независимо от их статуса, во всех номинациях PRO - денежные призовые



Art. 1 Name, Place of Registration and Field of Operation.

  1. Federation name “ World Powerlifting Federation Limited (WPF)
  2. In the eventual case of any contention or dispute in the language these statutes are translated, the English version shall take internal Federation priority.
  3. The WPF is registered as a non profit Company at Companies House in the United Kingdom to form its legal entity. It is the union all affiliated eligible Federations, Clubs, Organisations or other groups active in Powerlifting throughout the World.
  4. All elected Executive Committee Members are eligible to become Directors of the WPF, providing they are clear from Bankruptcy, County Court Judgements and any Criminal record pending or otherwise. Each Director will have to sign a declaration to this effect, provide a full photo identity of them self, i.e. copy of passport and provide information required to complete the necessary registration forms to be a Director.
  5. National Federations shall be affiliated to the “World Powerlifting Federation” but shall maintain independence in their internal and business affairs.


Art. 2 Federation Purpose and Activities.

  1. The Federation is a non profit organisation.
  2. The Federation will carry out the following activities:
  1. The sanction and supervision of competitions and international developmental programs, including World championships, European Championships, North American Powerlifting Commission and International Championships in the sport of Powerlifting (Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift) either combined or as a single discipline.

  2. To promote the standardised competitive rules.

  3. Maintain a WPF Congress of bona-fide international representatives.

  4. Maintain a system for recognising, approving and filing of World records in the above named disciplines.

  5. Establish administrative and technical committees from its own number.

  6. Produce official bulletins and/or Powerlifting publications.

  7. Arranging and conducting referee seminars and exams.

  8. Arranging and conducting of seminars and courses.

  9. Advertising.

  10. The WPF does not condone or support the use of chemicals by lifters for performance enhancement. Only outside sourced funds will be provided for testing. The protocols can only be sanctioned by the Executive Committee with Congress approval.

  11. The WPF full size flag with its logo will be displayed at all World Championships. The holder of the flag shall be the President of the host Nation, who shall deliver the flag to every World Championships Meet Director three weeks before the championships; and retrieve at the end of the championships to pass on to the President of the subsequent year host Nation for safe keeping.

  12. At all World Championships, Nations flags will be displayed and an open ceremony will take place welcoming Nations by playing the first verse of each Nations National anthem.


3. Financing will be obtained as follows:

Official funding, voluntary contributions, membership dues, seminar and course fees, advertising, sponsors and other contributions.


Art. 3 Types of Membership

1. The membership of the WPF consists of national affiliates active in Powerlifting. The WPF recognises only one national federation, club or organisation per country as approved by Congress.

2. Only those persons who are members of their respective national federation, association or organisation can be considered eligible for membership.

3. Members of the Federation are classified as full, exemplary and honorary members.

4. Full members are those nations that fully participate in Federation activities. Exemplary members are those persons that support the Federation by fulfilling a work duty or activity. Honorary members are those persons honoured by the Federation for extraordinary accomplishments.


Art. 4 Obtaining Membership

  1. Membership is open to all nations with democratic federation statutes subject to the following conditions:
  1. Their constitution and current list of officers are to be filed with the WPF Secretary.
  2. These must conform to all the WPF statutes and laws where applicable.
  3. Their annual national championships must be conducted in full accordance with the WPF technical rules for lifting.
  4. They may not issue permits for competition other than for their own internal championships.
  1. Membership is obtained via completing an application form to the WPF. Membership is complete upon approval of the application by Congress.
  2. Approval of full and exemplary members shall be decided by Congress. Reasons for rejection are not bound by obligation.
  3. Presentation of honorary membership shall be decided via proposal to the Congress.  
  4. Persons in a country without national WPF affiliated Federation, club or organisation may apply direct to the WPF for membership. The Executive Committee may act alone in deciding approval or rejection. The decision must however be confirmed by Congress.
  5. Prior to constellation of the Federation membership is agreed upon by the proponents. Membership is complete upon constellation of the Federation.


Art. 5 Subscriptions and fees

  1. The amount of annual subscription to the WPF shall be determined by Congress. The subscription is payable by 31st January of each year. Any country which has not paid it’s subscription for the current year cannot participate or vote in the various meetings of the WPF, obtain ratification of their records, not their members be allowed to enter international championships. A reminder letter shall be sent to every Federation which has not paid it’s subscriptions by January 31st.
  1. Any country organising a WPF international contest is required to sign a Meet Directors Agreement Contract as determined by Congress and send to the Secretary for sanction.
  1. Any country organising a WPF international contest must pay a fee to the WPF in accordance with the scale as determined by Congress.
  1. Sanction fees are to be paid according to the date prescribed in the Agreement Contract. If payment is not made by the prescribed date the sanction will be automatically void. In case of a penalty fee of 50% of the sanction fee will be required of the national federation to whom sanction was given. Payment of this fee shall be made within thirty days of the original prescribed payment date. Should payment not be made by this date the rule in Par. 5.1 shall apply.
  1. Upon payment of the required fee, the Secretary will issue a permit for the international contest to the organising nation.
  1. No WPF affiliated nation shall take part in a contest for which the WPF has not issued a permit.


Art. 6 Termination of Membership

  1. Membership is terminated by either written cancellation via mail or expulsion by Congress.
  1. Termination of membership can be decided by the Executive Committee for reasons of failure to pay annual dues. Should the dues be in arrears all membership rights rest until full payment is made.
  1. The Executive Committee may dismiss or reprimand a member for reasons of bringing the sport and/or federation into disrepute and failure to comply with membership obligations. Appeal may be filed with Congress against dismissal. All membership rights rest until final decision is taken.
  1. Cancellation of honorary membership may be proposed by the full members or Executive Committee via Congress.


Art. 7 Rights and Duties of Members

  1. Members have the right to participate in all federation activities and use of It’s property.
  1. Federation capital and property shall be administered by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is obliged to present a report of such to Congress.
  1. Nomination of competitor and teams to international competitions is made by each national federation.
  1. In the interest of the federation members are required to support the federation and reject al that might harm its esteem or lead to its demise. They are required to uphold the statutes, rules and decisions of the federation bodies. Full members are required to promptly pay their annual dues as determined by Congress.
  1. The right to vote, active or passive, at Congress is given to the full members only.


Art. 8 Federation bodies

Bodies of the Federation are the Congress and the Executive Committee.


Art. 9 WPF Congress

  1. The WPF Congress is the governing body of the WPF.
  1. The WPF Congress shall meet annually one day before the start of the World Championships for Powerlifting, Bench Press and Dead Lift.
  1. All members must be given written invitation by the Secretary to the Congress 21 days in advance of the meeting. The agenda must be followed as written:
  1. Congress consists of a maximum of two delegates from each national affiliate. However, only one vote per country is permitted.
  1. Proposals to Congress must be presented in writing to the Secretary 42 days prior to the meeting.
  1. All proper decisions taken, exempting those of proposal for Special meeting, must have been regarding those matters scheduled on the agenda proper.
  1. At all Congress meetings the following will be the order of business:
  1. Roll call.
  2. Presidents address.
  3. Minutes of previous Congress.
  4. Treasurer’s report.
  5. Secretary’s report.
  6. Technical Officers report.
  7. Nations reports.
  8. Election of Officers
  9. Nations resolutions.
  10. New member applications.
  11. Delinquent Nations.
  12. Future championships venues.
  13. Other business.
  14. List of referees for championships.
  15. Adjournment.
  1. All members have the right to attend Congress. Only full members have the right to vote and speak on Congress business. Each member (nation)   shall have one vote. Elected WPF Executive has no vote in Congress. The Executive may vote amongst them to administrate matters in running the WPF between Congresses, but must report these matters to the next    Congress; Absent Nations are not allowed to send a proxy a vote to Congress.
  2. Congress has the right of decision when quorum of minimum of half the full members or their representatives (Par.9) is present. Should less than half be present. Congress shall be postponed for thirty minutes with the same agenda without regard to the number of members present.
  3. Voting decisions taken at Congress are decided in general by simple majority. In the event of a tie the proposal is lost. Decisions to change the statue or dissolve the federation require a qualified majority of a minimum of two thirds majority of proper votes given.
  4. The President shall preside over Congress. In his absence the Vice President shall take his place. In the case of both being absent the members present shall appoint a chairman within its membership.
  5. A Special Meeting may be called by a minimum of three Executive Committee by Congress or written and grounded proposal from a minimum of two thirds majority of the full members or by the of the Finance Secretary.


Art. 10 Duties of Congress

The duties of Congress are:

  1. To admit any national affiliate eligible under the constitution by means of a simple majority of votes cast.
  2. To prescribe and amend the Constitution, Bylaws or Technical Rules by means of a simple majority of votes cast.
  3. To impose and enforce penalties for any violation of the Constitution or Bylaws.
  4. To remove any suspension or penalty previously imposed.
  5. Collecting reports.
  6. Decisions and proposals.
  7. Election, hiring and dismissal of Executive Committee and Finance Secretary.
  8. Determination of the amount of annual dues.
  9. Presentation or termination of honorary memberships.
  10. Decision on dissolvement of the federation.
  11. Discussion and decision on matters assigned to the agenda.


Art. 11 The Executive Committee

  1. The executive Committee is comprised of five officers: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Technical Officer.
  2. The Officers of the Executive Committee must be Officers of their own member organisation. They may not be members of any other Powerlifting federation or organisation other than those within the “World Powerlifting Federation”.
  3. Any full member may propose a WPF member in good standing for an Executive Committee position , subject to (par 2 above)
  4. The Executive Committee may co-opt an elect able member for the position of the Executive Committee officer leaving his position before legislature is finished. This decision must be ratified at the next following Congress.
  5. In the event of death, resignation or removal from office of the President, the Vice President shall succeed this office until the next Congress where a new President shall be elected.
  6. The legislative period of the Executive Committee shall be two years. This period ends with the election of a new Executive Committee. Executive Committee members may be re-elected.
  7. The Executive Committee and Congress shall be called in writing by the President via the Secretary.
  8. The Executive Committee has the right of decision when a minimum of three members are present. However, decisions may only be taken if the other Officers cannot be reached by telephone or e-mail and I the case of immediacy.
  9. The Executive Committee makes its decisions by a simple majority vote. The President shall abstain from voting except in the case of a tie.
  10. The duties of the Executive Committee terminate by death, expulsion, end of legislative period or resignation.
  11.  An Executive Officer may only be dismissed via a written and proper proposal to Congress.
  12. Executive Officers may resign at any time. Their resignation must be presented to the Secretary in writing. Secretary resignation must be presented to the President in writing. In the case of resignation of all Officers, this shall be to Congress. Resignation will become effective upon date of resignation. The departing Officer must present to the President or Vice President all relevant information, documents and material in their possession concerning their office position within 14 days of the date of their resignation.


Art. 12 Duties of Elected Officers

The Executive Committee are responsible for administering the federation affairs between Congress meetings. Its duties and obligations not covered in the statutes or assigned to other federation bodies:

  1. Construction of the year’s calendar of events and presentation of reports as well as giving financial account.
  2. Preparation of the Annual Congress Meeting
  3. Call to Congress and Special Meetings.
  4. Administration of federation funds, capital and property.


Art. 13 Executive Committee Duties and Obligations

  1. The President is the highest federation officer. He is responsible for representing the federation. He presides over Congress and the Executive Committee. In the case of immediacy he may act alone in making decisions that fall within the responsibilities of Congress or the Executive Committee. These decisions. However, require post confirmation from the Executive Committee.
  1. The President is an “ex officio” member of all committees.
  2. Federation documents and declarations shall be signed by the President.
  3. The Vice President shall support the President in his duties of administration and represent him whenever necessary. He shall have such duties assigned to him by the President and have the power to perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the latter to attend.
  4. The Secretary shall support the President and Vice President in his duties of administration duties, especially outwardly, with bureaucratic departments and third persons. He is responsible for protocolling Congress, the Executive Committee and Special Meetings. He shall conduct all official federation correspondence.
  5. The Treasurer is responsible for the administering federation funds and capital. He shall collect all monies due to the WPF and deposit same in the name of the WPF. Sign all cheques, notes and drafts together with the President or one other Executive Officer. Pay all bills approved expenditure by the Executive or Congress. He will give a written account of all income and expenditure with a balance sheet to the Annual Congress. Meeting. Collect annual membership dues and fees and issue invoices and receipts. Collect any penalty fees. Present to Congress elected auditor all account, books, papers, vouchers and records pertaining to his office.
  6. The Technical Officer is responsible for upholding the competition rules for lifting. He shall keep a file of all national and international referees and is responsible for arranging their participation at competitions. He is responsible for examining candidates for international referee qualification. He may not act alone in deciding who may be examined for international qualification. (Art. 13)


Art. 14 Finance Officer.

The Finance Officer (Auditor) shall be elected annually at Congress to exam all the Treasurers monetary affairs and auditing to books. He shall give his report to Congress verbally or in writing.


Art. 15 Settling Disputes.

  1. All disputes within the federation shall be decided by the Executive Committee. All parties shall be heard either in writing or verbally for reasons of:
  1. Bring the WPF or sport of Powerlifting into disrepute.
  2. Acting in a manner that is contrary to the best interests of the WPF.
  3. Contravening any of the provisions of the Constitution.
  4. Dishonourable behaviour.
  1. The Executive Committee shall decide by a simple majority. It shall decide in the best conscience and will.
  1. Appeals against the decisions may be lodged with the Secretary within thirty days of the written notification of the decision upon which the appeal is based. The appeal will be presented to the next following Congress. Decisions regarding membership status will be upheld until Congress makes its final decision on the matter. Financial penalties will be suspended until Congress reaches its final decision.


Art. 16 Dissolvement of the Federation

  1. Dissolvement of the Federation may only be decided at a Special  Congress Meeting called for this purpose and only by a vote of two thirds majority of those members present.        
  1. Reasons for the proposal must be presented by letter or via e-mail to   the Secretary.
  1. The Special Congress Meeting must decide the liquidation of the Federation funds, capital and property. The services of an independent liquidator or adjudicator must be remained and decision taken as to whom this is prescribed after all accounts has been settled. These funds and property must, as far as it is possible and permitted, fall to a similar organisation (according to law).
  1. The last Executive Committee must report this disolvement to the proper authorities in writing within 28 days of the decision taken.  The dissolvement must be publicised according to United Kingdom law.  


Adopted by the 14th WPF Ltd Congress on 31st October 2012