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Referees Checklist SQUAT




[ ] Lifter supports weight across shoulders, lifts bar out of rack and waits for Chief Referee’s verbal and visual signal to “squat” is given after lifter is motionless.

[ ] Referee’s judge depth to break parallel by the hip joint being lower than top of knee. (See picture on depth)

[ ] Lifter moves bar upward until standing erect with knee and hip joint straight.

[ ] Chief Referee gives verbal signal to ‘rack’ the bar after finishing.

[ ] Loaders may assist lifter in removing bar from rack only before signal to ‘squat’ has been given. Loaders may assist lifter in returning bar to rack only after signal to ‘rack’ has been given.

[ ] Bar may not move downward when lifter is ascending, or double-bounce. Bar may stop then continue upward.

[ ] Lifter must observe all Chief Referee’s signals.

[ ] No re-setting of feet or bar after receiving ‘squat’ signal.

[ ] Loaders may not contact bar between referee’s signals.

[ ] No intentional dropping or dumping of the bar.

[ ] Squat depth of parallel or higher is not acceptable.

[ ] Only official loaders may be on platform; no personal coaches.

[ ] One pair of knee wraps may be worn that extends only 15cm above and below the centre of the knee joint. (Total of 30cm on leg)

[ ] One squat suit of single ply material may be worn, leg length not extending beyond mid- thigh.

[ ] One pair of under briefs may be worn of single ply, legs must not extend outside squat suit and waist line must not be above navel.

[ ] Elbow wraps not exceeding 20cm may be worn of squat. There must be visible arm between wrap and sleeve of tee shirt.

[ ] One tee shirt must be worn on the squat, with or without arms. No vests.

[ ] Socks may not extend over knee or contact knee wraps.

[ ] One pair of official wrist wraps may be worn on squat.

[ ] One belt of official design may be worn on squat.

[ ] During squat after Chief Referee’s, signal, Referees must remain in seat, not give hand motions or sit behind lifter during lift.

[ ] Referee’s shall make their judgment in pressing white or red signal. Be prepared to justify their decision if asked by lifter, but not enter into any argument.