Report about 2019 WPF International Open Record Breakers Championships (Single Lift Bench Press & Dead Lift)


2019 WPF International Open

Record Breakers Championships

Single Lift Bench Press & Dead Lift

December 15th  

Bobby’s Gym, Eltham, London, England


This is yet another FIRST for Bobby’s Gym thanks to the Proprietor Barry Davis. Great vocal support and atmosphere was generated by the many spectator’s present.

All lifters were presented with unique gold statues and certificates at the end of the championships by Peter Davis.

There were 54 lifter entries from Russia, Holland and Great Britain making personal best and new British, European and World record lifts.

11 British, 8 European and 8 World records were broken at the championships.


Bench Press RAW Records

Graham Dowers GBR 67.5kg 137.5kg B-E-W.

Victor Stoute GBR 75kg M55+ 147.5kg B-E-W.

Terry Kirby GBR 82.5kg M55+ 111 kg. B.

Vladimir Pivnov RUS 82.5kg 147.5kg E-W.

Clive Martin GBR 825kg M65+ 112.5 kg. B.

Barry Davis GBR 90kg M40+ 170kg. B.


Dead Lift RAW Records

Marina Kamyshnikova RUS 60kg WM40+ 133kg. W.

Graham Dowers GBR 67.5kg 202.5kg B-E-W.

Ronald Jarrett GBR 82.5kg M80+ 140kg. B-E-W.

Michael Mead GBR 100kg T18 257.5kg. B-E-W.

Barry David GBR 90kg M40+ 256kg B-E.

Craig Stone GBR 100kg M45+ 260kg B.


Dead Lift SINGLE PLY Records

Stephen Evans GBR M60+ 245.5kg. B-E-W


Key: B=British record. E=European record, W=World record.


BPO Best Overall Bench Press receiving the Annual David Berg Memorial Shield went to Barry Davis with 112 points.

BPO Best Overall Dead Lift receiving the Annual Eddy Pengelly Memorial Shield went to Julian De-Allie with 171 points.

WPF Best Overall Bench Press receiving a unique statue went to Maksim Chapaev RUS with 124 points.

WPF Best Overall Dead Lift receiving a unique statue went to Julian De-Allie with 171 points. 

Special mention is made for Marina Kamyshnikova for arranging with FSUE State of ATM Corporation, Russia to support bringing 12 lifters from Russia.


The Meet Director would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who came together to help make this event possible. To our supporters, Bobby’s Gym.  To all the lifters we thank you for coming out and hope you had a fabulous time! To all of our platform crew, referees, score-table and MC. We appreciate everything you have done to make this event a successful one!

We look forward to greeting all lifters on platform at the 2020 British Open Championships on April 26th to be held at Bobby’s Gym, Eltham, London.  

                                                                                                                      Report: The Crane

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