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Report about 2022 BPO British Open International Bilateral Championships


2022 BPO International Open
First Bilateral Championships
Bench Press & Dead Lift & Total

December 11th  

Bone’s Gym, Eltham, London, England


This is yet another FIRST for BPO courtesy of Bone’s Gym thanks to the Proprietor Barry Davis. Over fifty spectators generated great vocal support and camaraderie.
Lifters, Officials and Spectators travelled afar in wintry -5 conditions, in fog and snow.
All lifters were presented with unique gold Viking with axe statues and certificates at the end of the championships by Peter Davis.
Sadly, most Nigerian the lifters were unable to attend due to visas issues.
Amazingly, 36 British, 18 European and 18 World records were broken at these championships.


90kg Men’s Open – Oly Adeshina - Dead Lift 250kg B & Total 370kg B
90kg Men’s M60+ – Michael Hawkins - Bench Press 105kg B Dead Lift 187.5kg B-E-W & Total 292.5kg B-E-W
100kg Men’s Open – Alex Cooper - Dead Lift 230kg B & Total 365kg B
100kg Men’s M40+ – Barry Davis - Bench Press 187.5kg B-E-W Dead Lift 260kg B-E-W & Total 447.5kg B-E-W
110kg Men’s T15-19 – Charlie Griggs - B-E-W Bench Press 170kg B-E-W Dead Lift 240kg B-E-W & Total 410kg B-E-W
110kg Men’s Open – Dominik Tyler - Dead Lift 240kg B & Total 362.5kg B
125kg Men’s Open – Ridwan Kelani - Bench Press 165.5kg B Dead Lift 310kg B-E-W & Total 475.5kg B-E-W
140+kg Men’s Open – Julian De-Allie - Bench Press 200kg B-E-W Dead Lift 300kg B & Total 500kg B-E-W

Key: B=British record. E=European record, W=World record.                        

Many of the lifters have since e-mailed, Facebook, text, telephoned and wrote to express how “GOOD” the Championships were run, with dedication and commitment from all those below involved.

Meet Director: Barry Davis
Platform Crew: Spencer Kerr, Cass Martin, Frank Turner, Glen Smith
MC: David Carter
Technical Officer: David Carter
Referees: David Mannering, Peter Davis, Andrew Shipman


BPO Best Overall Bench Press receiving the Annual David Berg Memorial Shield went to Barry Davis with 116 points.
BPO Best Overall Dead Lift receiving the Annual Eddy Pengelly Memorial Shield went to Ridwan Kelani with 177 points.
BPO Best Overall Bilateral Champion Julian De-Allie with 277.9 points.

The Meet Director wishes to say a BIG thank you to everyone who came together to help make this event possible. To our supporters, thank you for all your support. Congratulations to the lifters, among them breaking seventy-two records We hope you had a fabulous time! To all our platform crew, referees and MC, thank you. We appreciate everything you have done to make this event a successful one!

We look forward to greeting all lifters on platform at the 2023 British Open International Championships on July 9th to be held at Bone’s Gym, Eltham, London.

Report: The Crane

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