На всех турнирах WPF России, независимо от их статуса, во всех номинациях PRO - денежные призовые

Presidents Report to 24th WPF 2022 Congress.


Presidents Report to 24th WPF 2022 Congress.

This year Internationally has been made difficult due to Political interference with travel arrangements to attend championships and the lingering Covid-19 issues..

To help lifters, we have allowed Nations where possible, to host international events to enable lifters to challenge records.

WPF have held email meetings to conduct the business of the WPF in 2022.

The WPF well-established legal status, legal registered logo and a proper constitution still stands registered in the UK.

WPF philosophy during my tenure is that  we do not ban Nations, lifters or expunge records. We disassociate ourselves from these types of persons. These are not good persons for our sport?

Lifters from ALL countries are  most welcome to participate in WPF Championships, irrespective. However, we do need help with more contacts, lifters, and Nations?

WPF has widened the Classification even more with the introduction of Bilateral Raw championships, setting up templates on all RAW  records for lifters to challenge, besides the existing of events for lifters for Raw, Classic, Single Ply, Multi-Ply. Also there has been modifications on the multi-Rep events to help widen more lifter participation.

WPF has again done best in the circumstances to present a full programme for lifters in 2023 so, please! Go out and spread this good word?

The WPF Technical Officer continues to seek more Referees to enhance the service at Championships. Also, we thank Phil for keeping all the British records up to date.

WPF are always looking for good people who can actively contribute to the WPF future activities. Do you know of any such GOOD people you can introduce?

The WPF have a most excellent General Secretary in Igor Soloviev, Russia, keeping all World and European Records up to date and posting all documents on the Web site, as Web Master. www.wpfpowerlifting.ru We thank Igor so much for all his initiatives in helping the development in furtherance of WPF.

I want to thank the WPF Executive for all their support in this year, in yet another unprecedented year in our sport.


David Carter – President – WPF – 16th October 2022

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